Up in Smoke to represent UK at the EU Festival, Nicaragua

With the fantastically generous support of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth office in Costa Rica, UP IN SMOKE will be representing the UK in the EU Festival in Nicaragua in May 2012

Following a screening of UP IN SMOKE at the Criterio Ambiental Film Festival, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Costa Rica selected the film to represent the UK at the forthcoming EU Film festival in Nicaragua. Not only will this be the premiere of the film in a country as afflicted by slash and burn as Honduras, but it will also be travelling the country afterwards, played throughout universities and other centres of learning, an absolutely golden opportunity to spread the message, for which we are truly grateful.

Better still, with the generous financial support of the FCO, a fully dubbed Spanish version of the film has been produced by their recommended partners Sonido y Video S.A. Given the sad fact of literacy being a very real challenge to a huge number of campesino farmers throughout Latin America, this dubbed version will allow the film to be played and used directly in the field for groups, communities, institutions and anywhere else it may have an impact and stimulate debate. It is an understatement to say just how exciting this is.

More news to come on the screening dates and the continued use of the film.

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