Selected Clippings and Reviews

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The Metro / UK
“To see Hands plugging away at trying to spread the word about how his new method, alley cropping, could save the planet bordered on heart-breaking and sharply illustrated that unless green issues bag the headlines, politicians aren’t interested.” full article…>
New Scientist / UK
“Worthy environmental documentaries can be a slog, but Up in Smoke is delightful. Hands is undemonstrative but fascinating in his utter determination” full article…>
The Ecologist / UK
“If this works, the next step would be to scale it up even further. But before that can happen, Hands needs support. ‘All it would take is one politician to believe in it,’ Hands says in the film. Anyone listening?”. full article…>
The Frontline Club / UK
“Environmental problems are often spoken of in rather sweeping terms, perhaps none more so than issues related to the rainforests.‘Up in Smoke’, a documentary screened at the Frontline Club last night clears up some of the confusion about the issue”. full article…>
France24 / France
““Up in smoke”, a documentary by Briton Adam Wakeling, follows scientist Mike Hands in his attempts to find an alternative to slash-and-burn agriculture in equatorial rainforests; a form of subsistence farming that the British scientist blames for a “slowly enacted catastrophe”.”. full article…>
Observer / UK
Star choice of the week “Alarming, though-provoking television which deserves to win an award”.
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Time Out / UK
“A true underdog story but one with higher stakes than most”.
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AlertNet / Thompson Reuters
“Up in Smoke follows Mike Hands across the globe as he tries to get farmers to adopt the new method and governments to fund its implementation”. full article…>