Dame Vivienne Westwood and HUMANADE fund educational version of UP IN SMOKE

With the incredibly generous support of Dame Vivienne Westwood and HUMANADE, Notion Pictures is delighted to announce the beginning stages of the production of a multi-language educational version of Up in Smoke

Following a successful year, by means of screenings and TV broadcasts of UP IN SMOKE, Notion Pictures and the Inga Foundation have now embarked on developing an educational resource pack that will help take farmers step by step through the process of alley cropping with Inga.

The audiovisual component of the film will be provided on DVD and digital formats, for use in screenings to large groups of farmers, and be dubbed into English, Spanish, French and Portuguese, to be as effective a tool as possible for the Inga Foundation as its work spreads laterally through the Americas, and across Africa and Southeast Asia. Notion Pictures will also produce a richly illustrated and text light book, a copy of which will be given to every farmer post screening. The book will take farmers through a step by step process of alley cropping with Inga, using visual references from the educational film. Adam Wakeling, director of UP IN SMOKE, recently returned to Honduras to film additional material for the educational version of the film.

From her initial viewing of the film at the RSA in London in 2011, Dame Vivienne also agreed to introduce a screening of the film at a special event at the Charlotte Street Hotel (pictured here with the director of the film, Adam Wakeling), an event generously organised by Mayer Brown LLC, the pro bono legal team behind the film. Following her agreement to fund the educational version of the film, Dame Vivienne said:

“I really believe in the work that the Inga Foundation is doing and the importance of ‘Up in Smoke’ in spreading the word. It links perfectly with the work we are already doing to save the rainforest – it’s hands-on, practical, affordable, sustainable and possible for the farmers to do themselves, making them all part of the Climate Revolution.”

Final delivery of both elements of the educational package is estimated for second quarter of 2013. For more information on the Inga Foundation click here and to read more about our Campaign, click here

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