Up in Smoke US Broadcast premiere!

We are delighted to announce our US TV broadcast premiere of Up in Smoke on Pivot, the brand new channel launched on 1st August 2013. A creation of Participant Media, who are behind productions such as An Inconvenient Truth, the now global forum for revolutionary ideas known as TED and TakePart.com, the channel is already creating great waves in the US in the first week of being on air. Available to some 40 million households, we are convinced this is a fantastic platform for the film and for the Inga Foundation’s work.

The first broadcast will be tonight, 7th August, at 20:00 EST, with a repeat tomorrow 8th August at 15:00 EST, with further broadcasts to be announced. Please do tell anyone in the US and we look forward to feedback we will receive.

For the full TV schedule, please click here